Solar panels on a roof

Solar panels

As the main part of any solar installation, we'll help you choose the right solar panels for your roof

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Harness the clean power of the sun

If your roof gets sunlight, there's a good chance you'll benefit from installing solar panels. You can reduce your bills, while reducing your carbon footprint too.

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We only install top quality solar panels

Your solar panels are the source of your electricity and will be exposed to the elements for a long time. That's why we only provide quality panels we know will perform well over the long term.

Industry leading warranties

Our panels come with manufacturer's warranties up to 40 years. And in the rare event you need to claim, our providers all have offices in Australia to minimise any hassle.

Highly efficient

Our panels are selected for their high efficiency, helping you maximise the energy generated from the sun's rays.

Sleek design

We offer solar panels that are sleek and black, with options for black framing and fixtures too.

Solar panel brands we offer

We only choose quality products that are built to last.


As the choice of NASA and with industry-leading warranties, you can be sure they’ll also be tough enough for your roof.

Trina Solar

One of the world’s biggest solar panel manufacturers, Trina panels are highly efficient and great value for money.

REC Solar

Founded in Norway and manufactured in Singapore, REC continues to set a world standard with its solar panel innovation, performance, and sleek design.

Inverters - the brains of your solar power system

Your inverter is responsible for converting the DC power produced by your panels into usable AC power. A quality inverter is an essential component for every solar system - small or large, with a battery or without. They come in two kinds: string inverters and microinverters.

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Our inverter brands of choice

We’ve researched, tested and compared. Each of these brands has been carefully selected to make sure the systems we install work well for your needs.


The world's leading manufacturers of microinverters, Enphase technology tops its class for safety, efficiency and smart software. Designed in California, Enphase microinverters are the perfect choice for a shade compromised roof.


GoodWe is a global leader in inverter and energy storage solutions, committed to providing reliable and high-performance solar energy solutions. GoodWe provides the largest range of inverter products on the market, backed by local service centres and after-sales service.


Known for its performance safety and endurance, along with intelligent monitoring, Fronius has been innovating since it was established in Austria in 1945.


Australian owned and manufactured, Selectronic is designed for our country's unique conditions. Known for high-quality inverters, Selectronic is our choice for off-grid, or systems in remote parts of Victoria.

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