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Installing a charging station makes it faster to charge your car, and you can do it using your solar power

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Nobody knows EV charging like RACV

We have a long history of understanding cars and solar, making us an ideal choice for installation. Whether you're looking to charge at home, power a commercial fleet, or install an ultra-rapid charger at a shopping centre or tourist destination, our team can help.

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Reasons to install an RACV charger for your electric vehicle

  • Can be installed indoors or outside
  • Optimise charging with solar to save on costs
  • Smart charging ready
  • Issues can be diagnosed remotely by RACV
  • Made in Australia
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The different ways to charge

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be charged using a standard power outlet in the home or at a public charging station. Using an ordinary power point is fine, but it's very slow and may not completely charge your battery overnight.

Installing an EV charging station at your home or business takes away the stress of needing to drive to a public charging station, and also allows you to charge your car up to 3x faster than using a standard power outlet.

Depending on which power your home or business has, you can choose:

Single phase 7.2 kW power
  • Gets around 40km range per hour of charging (versus 12km range per hour on a standard power point)
  • For example, charge a Nissan Leaf in about 6 hours versus 20 hours on a standard power point
  • Universal socket (Type 2) can charge a wide range of vehicles
  • Wifi or ethernet connectivity
  • 3-year product warranty
Three phase up to 22 kW power
  • Gets around 100km range per hour of charging
  • For example, charge a Tesla Model 3 in about 4.5 hours
  • Universal socket (Type 2) can charge a wide range of vehicles
  • Wifi or ethernet connectivity
  • 3-year product warranty

Power up with commercial electric vehicles chargers

Installing fast chargers at your business can help attract customers with EVs, or charge your EV fleet quickly.

We offer fast chargers and ultra-rapid chargers, which can be powered by solar or the grid. Both options suit high-traffic locations, such as tourist destinations, resorts, shopping centres and council precincts.

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