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An environmentally savvy solution for powering your home

Having solar panels not only reduces your carbon footprint, it helps you save money by reducing your need to buy energy from the grid. When you choose solar with RACV, we’ll design a system that’s tailored to your home and manage the installation for you.

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We select industry-leading components so you can get even more out of your home.

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Top things to consider

Roof material

We install on tin, cement and terracotta roofs, but not slate. If your roof is made of a different material, speak to one of our solar experts.

No shade, no worries

Solar power is mainly generated in the middle of the day, so you’ll want to ensure that your roof is not heavily shaded when the sun is in its prime position.

North is best

In Australia, the best position for solar panels to face is North - but don’t stress if they can’t. It’s all about positioning them where they’ll get the maximum daily sun exposure.

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Solar rebates and incentives

For most households, the biggest financial benefit of solar comes from the ongoing savings on power bills. But you could also save on installation with rebates or incentive programs from the Federal and Victorian governments*. These are available on each of the following categories:

* Rebates are through the Victorian government's Solar Homes Program. Rebate and loan amounts are accurate as of 7 March 2022. For more details, visit