Solar batteries for business

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Maximise your solar investment and save

A high-quality, well-installed solar battery enables you to use more of your energy on your terms. By storing your free solar power in a battery, you can use more of it to reduce energy costs and peak demand charges.

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The benefits of battery storage

Reduce your energy costs

Instead of sending your excess solar power to the grid and buying it back at night for a higher price, store it in your battery for use when you need it. Batteries can optimise your solar system and drastically reduce night-time energy usage and peak tariff charges.

Reduce your costly network demand charges

During periods of peak demand, instead of pulling from the grid, your battery can kick in and supply your extra power. Known as peak lopping, this can help shave your peak demand charges.

Gain energy resilience with blackout protection

Keep things running when the grid goes down. Battery back-up allows you to power your operations, machinery, server rooms, security systems and other critical infrastructure if there’s a power outage in your area.

Unlock additional revenue streams

Some battery systems can access additional ways of earning revenue through providing lucrative electricity market services. Many of our clients are including a battery to maximise their returns through these new revenue streams. Talk to us to learn more.

Be in control of your energy

With a battery, you can use more of your solar generation at any time of the day or night. So you can minimise your reliance on the grid and boost your organisation’s energy independence.

Be grid independent

Whether you contend with unreliable network infrastructure or you’re operating completely off the grid, battery back-up can allow your business to operate in isolation from the grid. With a battery, generators may be obsolete or a battery may augment a generator to maintain site operations.

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Let’s see how we can help you

Our experienced experts will work with you to understand your energy requirements and site conditions to design an energy solution that achieves the best outcome for your business.

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